[finished this year] Village (footbath) of hot water contact of waterfall

October 7, 2019

Village of hot water contact of waterfall


Footbath scenery



These facilities aim at local resident and interchange with tourist,

It was maintained in ruins of nursing home static paradise.

There are footbath, arbor and can enjoy park golf.

In addition, restroom, parking lot is in park, too.

As you do not need application, please use casually.



◎Introduction of main facilities

Footbath introduction
 Ten meetings hook with roof
 It is natural hot spring flowing constantly from the source of Takinoyu Onsen.
 We spread germanium uncut stone on floor (partly) of bathtub.
 It is very close to footbathing.
It  is available as break place after bath towel. We can enjoy park golf in lawn open space, and rental of tool is free again.



Village plan of hot water contact of waterfall



◎About facilities

Period that we can take advantage of
From Friday, April 26, 2019 to Sunday, October 6
Time that we can take advantage of
(from April to August) from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
(from September to October) from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Free of charge
Application, reservation
When we use for the purpose of next, application is necessary.

When, for events such as 1 workshop, exhibition, we use the facilities               When we perform 2 performance                                            When we establish 3 stalls

Other than the above, we do not need application.


In addition, our facilities are not for staying.

We prohibit long-term stays with camping and camper that we pitch tent firmly.

In addition, please take garbage home respectively as trash box does not set up.

Contact information: Person in charge of Rubeshibe general branch office industrial section business and industry sightseeing
TEL 0157-42-2430









◎Guide map

Around village MAP of hot water contact of waterfall


Route 39 from Rubeshibe to the stone north mountain pass area

When we pass Onneyu Onsen and, for about eight minutes, turn right just before the hot water city traffic light of waterfall,

Footbath and lawn are seen in parking lot, the right in stab.


◆It is about 20 minutes by about 15km, car from Rubeshibe city
◆It is about eight minutes by about 7km, car from onneyu hot spring
◆It is about 50 minutes by about 40km, car from Kitami city



Rubeshibe general branch office Industry Division
Person in charge of commercial and industrial sightseeing
telephone: 0157-42-2430
facsimile: 0157-42-2500