Kitami-shi university student scholarship fund loan

March 28, 2019


 In Kitami-shi, we are in university (Kitami Institute of Technology or Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido College of Nursing) in the city and lend scholarship fund to person having difficulty in studying by economic reason with no interest.


 When as offer period of 2019 becomes until from Monday, April 1, 2019 to Friday, April 19, 2019, loan is hoped for,

 Please submit the following application documents by all means within offer period.


Summary of loan system

[eligible people]

  1. Person having Japanese nationality or foreign inhabitants who have proof of the permanent residence residence in laws and ordinances concerned
  2. Where student lives in the municipalities (Abashiri-shi, Oketo-cho, Kunneppu-cho, Saroma-cho, Tsubetsu-cho, Bihoro-cho, Ozora-cho, Engaru-cho) around Kitami-shi or Kitami-shi
  3. Person who is in university (Kitami Institute of Technology, Japanese Red Cross Hokkaido College of Nursing) in Kitami-shi
  4. Person who needs scholarship fund by economic reason

   ※Meet all 1-4.

[loan amount of money] Annual sum 600,000 yen limit

[loan period] From age that enrolled temporary absence from school, four years (four times of plans by each one time of grade) except repeating the same grade period

[interest] No interest

[repayment period] Principle less than ten years. We can leave unredeemed (four years) during authorized study term.

[repayment method] Monthly installment plan repayment (possible bonus combination) by principal equality

[joint surety] Two people including one protector

[submission] We submit submission documents to window of university

※While there is will to study among students registered at university in the city, this scholarship system is system to perform advance of scholarship fund targeting at that study is difficult by economical reason.
  Please apply for in hope of advance after having understood system enough.

※As for the details, please see brochure.

Brochure (for new offer)

Brochure (for continuation offer)


Application procedure

Person that loan is hoped for, please submit the following documents to each university window (educational affairs section) by Friday, April 19, 2019.

   1.Kitami-shi university student scholarship fund loan application (for new applicant) (can get application at university window)

     Kitami-shi university student scholarship fund loan application (for continuation applicant)

 2.Certificate of student registration

 3.Resident's card abridgment (thing which permanent domicile is listed in) of applicant and joint surety 

 4.Documents (among copy of withholding slip, reserve copy of decision report, income, taxation certificates either) which prove income of joint surety

      ※Joint surety is two people including one protector


Person who has already received advance

 As report is necessary in the case of next, please submit the following notification form to plan policy section or each university window (educational affairs section).

 (about person who is not registered at university, submission of notification form becomes only plan policy section)

   Time scholarship fund loan refusal notification form which declines loan of scholarship

   When we took a leave of absence from school and returned to school and quitted school    Temporary absence from school, returning to school, withdrawal from school, removal from a register notification form

   Time joint surety notification of change (certificate proving thing) that resident's card abridgment (permanent domicile of ※ attachment documents new joint surety is not omitted, income) which changes joint surety

   When changed address and full name; address, full name notification of change (thing) that resident's card abridgment (permanent domicile after ※ attached documents change is not omitted)

   Time repayment condition change (postponement) application (thing that ※ attachment documents certificates of student registration prove application reason) which changes repayment condition


Plan policy section/line review, administrative reform/comprehensive plan
Person in charge of planning and coordination
telephone: 0157-25-1103