Tokoro river water system green tract of land basic plan (the development year: in 2001)

July 5, 2016

The making of town development, river in accord with Tokoro river water system green tract of land basic plan - environment−


Purpose of plan It is targeted for plan development Basic policy Maintenance policy according to district For line of flow plan, the future


[aim of this plan]
 About riverbed geographical advantage use in Kitami-shi, administrative problems take utilization of the current situation facilities or future citizen's needs into consideration based on result of civic questionnaire (2,000 random sampling) and show riverbed geographical advantage utilization policy that let you reflect citizen's intention as figure of policy (we will elaborate a plan in the future).
 We think that long time is necessary for realization of this basic plan, but will push forward discussion toward country and way which are river manager and realization of plan in future.
1.Purpose of plan

 1-1 purpose
 Tokoro river, Mukagawa which flowed through the Kitami city played role as valuable waterside space of Kitami-shi.
 The first city planning green tract of land decision for the purpose of security of aspect of green tract of land in city is done in 1976 and is got close to citizens much as "space that is familiar to city area, and is full of nature" where we made use of continuity of the now river in after several times of area expansion afterwards.
 It is green master plan, and it is declared, "we supplement facilities green tract of land of rise of a river ha city area with floor and give the south end of Kitami industrial park buffering function." and takes role as the green belt.
 In 1990, we were placed as "peppermint block" in "Tokoro river water system river environmental management basic plan" that was plan of country and way in the Kitami city area region of Tokoro abandonment area and utilized river space full of ya green with wide rise of a river floor, and, as ground of ground of sports and recreation, interchange, contact, it has been planned further profit utilizing.

 We add to past river improvement, irrigation by revision of the River Act in 1997, and point of view of new river such as environment is added, and maintenance technique to be concerned with river including introduction of plan system that reflected local opinion shows river maintenance various changes.
 In Kitami-shi, river places river improvement and ecosystem, positioning as hydrophilic space in consideration for scenery, basic policy of maintenance, creation of water regime, river space full of nature in various plans about town development when we contribute to improvement of city environment as water and green amenity axis.

 We show use of basic policy, space plan (zoning) in river site in Kitami-shi that to carry out civic questionnaire by this plan, and maintenance creates rich natural environments that river originally has as riverbed geographical advantage utilization policy in Kitami-shi that let you reflect citizen's intention and forms space with moisture.
Kitami-shi government office City Planning Division has "Tokoro river water system green tract of land basic plan" booklet.Tokoro river water system cover
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