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February 22, 2019



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   University student, junior college which hopes for employment for the purpose of finding human resources of city medium and small-sized business in Kitami-shi university graduate person information center in the city

        We carry out the following business including position offer information in main object for life, technical college life, technical school life.


038Business outline

  Reporting about job offer from 1 Kitami public job placement office

  Reporting about staff of 2 Okhotsk jurisdiction municipalities and Kitami-shi staff adoption

  Making of data about 3 employment

  4 or other employment pulse-taking


036Recruitment of registrants

   After graduating from high school now; to university, junior college, technical college, technical school entrance into a school of higher grade planned one is entered a school of higher grade, and is in university, junior college, technical college, technical school

  We accept registration of student that employment is hoped for after the graduation in Kitami-shi in one at any time.

  Those who wish to give information fill out the following registration card, and please send by email.


   tourokuRegistration card (entry example) [DOCX: 40KB]       Registration card (entry example) [PDF: 118KB]




Under recruitment of registrants

      Registration offer poster downloading: Registration offer poster [PDF: 319KB]




  090Company profile of around Kitami-shi company

  090Hiring plans (during sending) such as university graduate people of around Kitami-shi company

  094Position offer information (during occasional sending) from Kitami public job placement office

  094Including holding of Godo Kigyo seminar (was finished in 2018)


The location

  〒090-0024 4-2, Kita-4-johigashi, Kitami-shi Kitami-shi Commercial and industrial sightseeing Department commerce misgovernment leads to the impoverishment of the people inside of a section

  TEL: 0157-25-1148 

  FAX: 0157-26-2712


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     We place U I turn applicant adoption company information in Kitami-shi.


        We offer company information, position offer information for student, graduate and show around publication methods of position offer information for company.



Commercial Administration Division
Person in charge of misgovernment leads to the impoverishment of the people employment
telephone: 0157-25-1148