○City street authorization rule

July 28, 2016

City street authorization rule

March 5, 2006
Rule No. 187


    We remove thing with particular fate in laws and ordinances and, about the handling of city street line authorization desk work prescribed in Article 1 road law (1952 law No. 180), depend on place to set of this rule.

(principle of authorization)

As a general rule, about authorization of    Article 2 city street, we shall have public character in consideration of traffic that is element as road and population density.

(road authorization requirements)

Authorization of    Article 3 road must include requirements to correspond to one of each next issue.

    (1) We contact between city streets

    (2) National highway connects with other municipalities village road on the way

    (3) We contact the main important area

    (4) It is admitted that it is necessary in city planning

    (5) Other mayors admitted that they were particularly necessary

(road site)

As a general rule, about    Article 4 site, we decided to be country, way, municipal ownership place and should get consent of possession incarnation about other land.

(width of road site)

It is said that site width of    Article 5 city street is 8 meters or more. But we remove road or other special roads by land readjustment project.

    It shall depend on de-nitsuiteha which 2 street corners do not do, road structure law (1970 cabinet ordinance No. 320) de-standard not to put. But it is not this limit before this rule enforcement about niatsuta road.

(structure of road)

About structure of    Article 6 road, incline, curve, road surface structure shall follow road structure law each.

(how to get origin-destination of line)

It is said that how to get origin-destination of    Article 7 line is as follows.

    (1) When there are some important roads in the city, we start from road of the high importance.

    (2) Otherwise, we start from near the downtown area.

    (3) Cases such as station, airport, park river assume the site boundary line.

    (4) When we inform of the main important area and the main important area, we start from high or main degrees that there is much utilization.

    (5) When we inform of main stations and the main important area, we start from main stations.

(how to put line names)

We touch the progress place name which frontage is important to whether, as a general rule, the    Article 8 line name calls name of the starting point and terminal of the line in order of origin-destination.

These supplementary provisions rule takes effect on March 5, 2006.


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